NBA Rumors: Celtics Still Have Hopes Of Keeping Kyrie Irving If They Land Anthony Davis

The Boston Celtics are anything but done with their desire to land one of the most wanted assets in the NBA right now, Anthony Davis. Albeit Boston’s current moment is not the best one following a painful second-round elimination in the NBA playoffs and some of their most important assets hesitating about whether they will stay with the team or try their luck somewhere else, the C’s are still optimistic about the upcoming season and how things can work out in their favor.

Frank Isola of The Athletic reports that Celtics President of basketball operations Danny Ainge wants to keep Irving within their ranks and believes that can be possible only if they’re able to land New Orleans Pelicans’ star Anthony Davis.

Although they just won the NBA lottery on Tuesday night, the Pelicans still have to face the imminent departure of AD since his desire to be traded hasn’t changed, not even now that NOLA will be picking Zion Williamson in the upcoming NBA draft.

That’s when the Celtics can find a good opportunity to land The Brow and keep Kyrie as part o the team. Boston counts with a very talented young core that might be used as currency exchange in order to get the six-time All-Star player. However, with all the things going on in the association right now, not even having the best young players in the league would assure the Celtics to achieve all the things they want to.

Irving has been linked with the New York Knicks a couple of weeks now and with all the rumors surrounding New Orleans, perhaps the point guard and the power forward would be playing together, but in the Big Apple instead of TD Center, and alongside Kevin Durant. Besides, Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris are other Boston players that the Knicks could be getting this offseason, so things don’t look as easy as some people might think.

Anyway, if Boston pulls off this move and manages to find the chemistry the team had last season, they will certainly have a great time.

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